Anderson Brothers Bank

The project includes a new addition of approximately 1,160 square feet of a new tenant space with renovation to the 1,255 square feet of existing building associated with site work.  To conduct selective demolition and debris-removal operations to ensure minimum interference with roads, streets, walks, walkways, and other adjacent occupied and used facilities.  Provide temporary barricades and other protection required to prevent injury to people and damage to adjacent buildings and facilities to remain.  Demolish and remove existing construction only to the extent required by new construction and as indicated.  This job required the careful removal of historic items, antiques, and other items of interest or value to the Owner.  The project included furnishing all material, forms, transportation and equipment, and performing all necessary labor to do the concrete work. 

This job was also selected as a recipient of a C.P. Quattlebaum Design Award for the 2017 year.  It honors Conway’s citizens for outstanding projects in the areas of interior design, development, restoration, landscape design, and signage, as well as the efforts of those involved with these projects.  The category for which the project was selected is “Outstanding Contribution to Quality Development, Restoration, Landscape or Design by an Organization or Individual

Architect: Garvin Design Group

Owner: Anderson Brothers Bank

Engineer: Tungsten LLC


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