Our Process

The comprehensive system that has been in place at Tungsten, LLC for the past 16 years has always been focused – no matter the step or phase we’re in – on one thing: the client.

With specific obligations to the design-build and general contracting services, we value a one-point-of-contact approach during the construction process that historically results in plans that are executed with precision and reliability, budgets that are more consistently accomplished, schedules that are more efficient, and relationships that are less critical.  All while maximizing client creative input and minimizing client stress.  From our first meeting with you, we listen to your needs, your wants, and your dreams – and find ways to make your visions a reality.

We have the skill sets to develop and produce all aspects of your project, including these details within our process:

Preconstruction services:

Construction services:

Contact us today to make an appointment so we can lay out a plan for your future Myrtle Beach project that will stand the test of time.


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