Construction Management

The nightmare experiences that haunt most developers mostly stem from a trifold lack of transparency, surprise budget increases and sudden time frame adjustments during the construction management services provided by their builder.

We’re here to eliminate your stress. Tungsten will communicate with you every step of the way – from start to finish to follow-up.

Our business-savvy construction managers offer the personable, technical customer service that leads to streamlined success every time. They will provide design-quality management reviews and consultant coordination, budget management, monthly reporting, design scheduling and design-fee cash flow forecasting and trending. Our goal is to deliver each project with quality work that meets the intended budget.

We are equipped to take on projects of all sizes, from the minimal to the massive: a hands-on approach that produces significant results. We lead diverse teams whose main mission is efficiency, as they navigate through the design and construction process, as well as quality assurance and control. Our managers are known to easily facilitate a productive bond between architect, contractor and developer. Motivating teams to reach the initial design intent, balanced with practical applications and economical solutions, defines the mission of our construction managers.

We start by taking the time to sit down and understand your needs and wants so we can develop a detailed construction management plan that’s perfect for you. Your project will meet all of your objectives, while following your time and budget requirements and anticipating any possible unexpected issues that would possibly hold up the job.

Contact us today to make an appointment so we can lay out a plan for your future project that will stand the test of time.


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