Not every construction company has a licensed architect on staff, but we are not like every construction company.  At Tungsten Corporation, we take pride in the personalized, innovative design solutions we can provide for our clients’ diverse architecture needs.

These results are only after we have had our hands on a comprehensive design process, a studied analysis of traditional and unconventional construction methods, and an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and efficient construction methods.  Our conceptual and schematic designs boast a combination of both our artistry and the client, as our main focus.  Here is a look at some specific ways we can more accurately and efficiently meet your architectural wants and needs:

-Architectural design interpretation: We will visualize your architectural ideas and dreams by interpreting the facts and translating them into artistic, architectural representations using the latest in digital design software.

Research: We believe it is vital to do the comparative research before we can present to you the most operationally efficient and effective architectural plans.

Planning and Development: From plotting subdivisions to zoning and permitting, as well as site analysis, parking and more.

Sustainable design: It is important to us to design beautiful buildings that also conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which saves you money in the future.

American Taphouse

Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Renovation of approximately 6,040 square feet restaurant at Celebrity Square.  Services will include architectural design and engineering related to restaurant renovation.  Exterior work will be completed by subcontractors. 

Architectural: Tungsten Corporation

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering: McDowell Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Structural: JC Hollingsworth Engineers

Eugenia’s Steakhouse

Conway, SC

The Steakhouse project is approximately 6,800 square foot Steak House Restaurant with 2,500 square foot McAllister’s restaurant and the McAllister’s will have exterior seating.  It will include exterior engineered wood panels, flooring for McAlister’s, flooring for Eugenia’s, and bathroom accessories for Eugenia’s. 

Architect: Tungsten LLC

Owner: Benton

Engineer: Weatherly (Structural), McDowell Consulting (Electrical), Green Path Design (Mechanical)

Ripley’s Entertainment Myrtle Beach Penguin Addition

Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC

The project included 5,500 square foot new addition and 6,000 square foot interior renovation for a total of 11,500 square foot.  The Penguin exhibit was a cast in place concrete structure to protect the animals during hurricanes as well as stand up to the related harsh salt environment.  This addition and interior renovation included auger piles, cast concrete structure, interior light gauge framing, acrylic panel exhibit tanks, and full integration with the existing chiller, fire security, network, electrical, and plumbing systems.  Program included 9 small exhibits, the main penguin exhibit, two classrooms, new offices, souvenir shop, penguin encounter room, penguin isolation room, classrooms, bathrooms, and life support rooms.  The custom cast penguin tank with wave generator and the supporting LSS systems present the biggest challenges and require thorough coordination.

The challenge with aquarium work is to understand that the final product is in constant flux.  To be flexible with the Owner so that their vision is realized would be the second most important priority.  The greatest priority however is designing and building so that all of the animals remain safe, happy, and unaffected.

Architect: Tungsten Corporation with inFORM Studio

Owner: Ripley’s Entertainment Inc.

Engineer: inFORM Studio

Strawmarket Tower

North Myrtle Beach, SC

This project consisted of a total area of 29,369 square foot lot.  It included resolving parking issues on parking levels.  The project included making some efficiency changes to the electrical room, laundry room and trash would perform more efficiently.  The widening of the stair towers along with interior elevations and lobby and restaurant design was included. 

Architect: Tungsten, LLC

Owner: Barjil Associates, LLC

Engineer: Land Design Concepts

Wicked Tuna #2

1901 North Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Development of approximately 8,000 square foot two-story restaurant on existing site at 1901 North Ocean Blvd.  Site development will also include third row parking.

Architect: Tungsten, LLC

Owner: Erez Sukarchi

Engineer: McDowell Consulting Engineers, Inc.


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